Stop! You’re breaking everything

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We are geeks who like to get our hands on problems.

The harder they are, the more the challenge is interesting.

Test us.

Problems generally encountered:

・ Slowness of the Computer;
Computerbattery performance drop;
・ Invasive advertising while browsing online;
・ Saturation of RAM memory;
・ Rupture of an external / internal disc;
・ SSD disk replacement;
・ Decrease in smartphonebattery performance;
・perdita dei dati dello smartphone;
・ Smartphone battery performance drops or turns off before the battery is discharged;
・ The smartphonedoes not charge;
Smartphoneand computerdisplay breakage (where convenient);
・ Problems related to the location of the smartphone;
・ E-mail configuration;
・ Peripheral configuration (printers etc …);

Add yours:

Remote assistance

What is remote assistance? Basically like magicians, after your authorization, we will enter your computer using ours and you will see the mouse cursor move by itself.

The beautiful beautiful thing?

You can see everything we do and enter passwords yourself without giving them to us.


Faster, cheaper and safer.
You have a problem? Contact us and we will connect with you remotely to carry out an initial verification of the problem. And maybe even already solve it.